Monday, September 5, 2011

webcams as a tool to communicate ^_*

Communication has greatly been enhanced by the gadgets of today. Long time ago, someone had to count weeks or months before a letter gets to the hand of the recipient. Nowadays, with the help of computers,we can send our message to somebody outside the city or the country in a matter of seconds. This is definitely an achievement worth nothing although the improvements do not stop right there. A couples years ago, a newer devices were introduced to the public, another milestone has been realized. it is a web-cams, by using web-cams we  can communicate face-to-face with anybody from around the world.  it is very awesome to me.

there are many advantage of using web-cams our tool to communicate with other, namely web-cams can help family members stay connected, help businesses conduct meetings without the expense of travel costs, help educational institutions conduct distance-learning activities, and help scientists and researchers remotely monitor sites miles away. in other hand, this application is quite unique, in addition to a variety of features are also available free.

So, we n do not have to think the issue a license and a problem to use it. We only install and run this program. However, first the program must be adjusted first to audio-video code that uses, so there is no problem in recording a video next. One of the software that is the default windows movie maker was also able to do the same, you can select from a digital video camera. However, this feature could not be used on windows vista business, either because it is not what can or have other things. But on windows XP this feature is running perfect. In fact from this experience a lot of features on the notebook / PC that we can use for everything, depending on the intention we would like to try or not.  So, we need to make friends with who have expertise maximize notebook performance, then we can  share of knowledge with them to increase our knowledge.

Web-cams connected to PC or laptop can act as web-accessible cameras with certain software. Usually this kind of software works with most web-cams, since the software auto-detects the peripheral. Many different programs are available, free, open source, and proprietary.

Web-cams software can be configured in many ways. Some software come with motion detection ability and time lapse capture options or both. Captures can be short videos in predefined length or still images. Thus, the software can essentially turn the web cam into a security camera. Many businesses and home owners can effectively use a simple web-cams device to create their own security system with only a web-cams and one of these types of software applications.

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