Monday, September 5, 2011

various of computer mouse

Computer equipment allows the user to access the various functions and conveniences that a data processor provides. Without them, the PC cannot be use to you as you cannot command it to do the tasks you want to perform. One particularly significant input device is the mouse. It helps you navigate through the installed operating system’s collection of software applications. So, as you are setting up the whole system, you have to consider which type of mouse would suit your needs. The three most basic options to choose are mechanical, optomechanical and optical.

The first type is mechanical.  It is a computer mouse that has a rubber or metal ball on its underside. With mechanical sensors built inside the device, the cursor on the screen moves to the direction where the ball touches. 
mechanical mouse

The next kind is the opto mechanical type and although it manipulates the cursor through a ball’s movement, it uses optical sensors to determine the direction. However,please be careful to choose the right type when u all buying a mouse, there are three different types:
- USB is the most modern. u all can recognize it by the rectangular connector.
- PS/2 connectors are round. This type of connection is fairly commonly used in PC's.
- Bluetooth is another modern (wireless) connection method.

optomechanical mouse
Lastly, there is the optical mouse. This device utilises laser to detect movement rather than employ ball mechanisms; thus, it responds more precisely compared to the previous two types.

  last but not least,  i hope u guy out there might be think which type of mouse u all want choose for ur PC or laptop..and i hope this information will help u all to choose the right mouse..
emm..bye2..assalamualaikum u all....^_*

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