Wednesday, September 21, 2011

tanda2 lptop or pc kna virus

assalamualaikum suma...
hari ny cikyah nk cerita pasal virus...korang thu x apa2 tanda2 pc kna virus...hahahahha kalo korang thu pn cikyah still nk bgtw jgk..sbagi peringatan wt kita semua...antara tnda2 nya adalah: jeng2jejeng

1.akan muncul image @ mesej kt screen pc kita
2. kalo kita bkak lagu or video akan ada sound lain tiba2
3.kdang2 memori kita jd penuh wlaupun file yg kita ada xbnyk pn xsebenarnya
4. ada program or file yang korang ada tiba2 ja hilang
5.pas 2 akn muncul file @ program yang kita sendri pn xthu apa dy
6. size file yang kita simpan akan jd besar tnpa kita sedari
7. file yang kita ada dlm pc 2 xbleh bkak
8.progrm yg kita nk guna 2 tak berfungsi sebaik2nya
9. sistem pc/laptop berubah
10. laptop/pc jd lambat sngt...nk bkak file yg size kecik pn kna tngu lma mslah la kn..
11. last skali,bla nk teruk sngt virus 2 laptp/pc akn shuts down tiba...wktu ny mmg xbleh wt apa dh laaa...mmg kna fomat jaaa laaa jwbnya...oleh 2 kita kna wt backup awl2...kalo x merana laa sbb file dlam lptp/pc 2 mngkin kwn cikyah, laptp dy kna virus..mmg xbleh bkk trus dh...menangis2 dy sbb dy xbt backup..

so, cikyah harap entry kali ny berguna bt korang supaya korang bt la persediaan awal...wlaupun kita xkna tp kmgkinan 2 ada.. sbb malang 2 x berbau kan....huhuhuhu owg kata "sediakan payung, sebelum hujan.."..fikir2kna lah..
wsalam ^_^

Friday, September 16, 2011

adam dan hawa

assalamualikum suma...selamat pagi
mari kita sama2 renung petikan ini supaya kita lebih berhati2 dimasa akan datang

Hawa diciptakan dari tulang rusuk Adam,
bukan dari kepalanya untuk dijadikan atasannya,
bukan dari kakinya untuk dijadikan alasannya,
melainkan dari sisinya untuk,
dijadikan teman hidupnya,
dekat dengan lengan untuk dilindunginya,
dan dekat dihati untuk dicintainya.....

oleh itu...wahai kaum lelaki sekalian..hargailah hawa yang telah diciptakan untuk kamooo...janganlah kamoo sakiti hati mereka kerana jika kamoo membuat mereka menangis,maka Allah swt akan menghitung air mata mereka...

p/s: yang baik itu datang dari Allah swt, yang lemah itu datang dari dari cikyah sendiri...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

thank you...i love u all

assalamualaikum suma..hari ini cikyah nk tulis pasl kwn2 cikyah at uitm 2...stiap sem cikyah msty dpt kwn bwu...sem ny bdk2 kt dlm pic ny yg sudi jd kwn cikyah...dyowg pngl cikyah kak sudip @ cikyah @ pengakap laut ...hahhahah giler kn dyowg ny...but i'm so happy to be friend with them...i love them even sometimes we have problem..(opppsss..tiba2 cikyah ckp bhsa JAWA plak...hahahhah)
cikyah n mntx maaf kt dyowg sbb cikyah ada wt slah gn dyowg n dyowg xthu....cikyah happy kwn gn bdk2 ny...stiap kali lepak sma msty ada ja cta nk cta....biasala kan cikyah tkowt laa kalo sem dpn xdpt 1 kelas gn dyowg lg...msty cikyah sedih kalo sem dpn xdpt kelas gn dyowg..cikyah perlukan kwn cm dyowg utk wt event sem dpn...amat ssh nk cari owg yg bleh ngam(masuk=sma kepala) gn please list my name with them in the next sem..hahhahahaha...hari ny kteorg nk kua mkn..huhuhuhu..dh lma xkua dr uitm ny..hhahhaha  asyik bz je now is time to me and my friend hung out together to release week dh final..bye korang cikyah nk bca novel jap..hehheheh isnin ny paper in jew..esk bwu stdy ckit2...hahahhah
love u all..assalamualaikum ^_~..

Monday, September 5, 2011

i want this camera

assalamualaikum u i want to story-story with u all about my interest ...i really love to take picture. but i dont have my personal, i hope someone out there can give camera for me as a present..wuuoooo..emmm interesting right??? i few month ago,i'm going to the mall to window shopping with my friend...i saw this gajet..NIKON D5100.

nikon D5100

  The Nikon D5100 is Nikon’s latest camera.. This camera has special benefit. It offers the same technical image quality of the unbeaten Nikon D7000 in a smaller, lighter, less expensive package. But by using this camera, you all will get more fantastic pictures.

The D5100 adds some buttons to make it easier to get in and out of movie mode, The D5100 has no internal autofocus motor, so it wills not autofocus with original-style screw-drive AF lenses. With older-style AF lenses it exposes and does everything perfectly, except that you'll have to turn the focus ring manually and look either for a sharp viewfinder image or the electronic focus confirmation dot at the bottom of the finder.

  In this camera have ME-1 Stereo Microphone, Engineered specifically for a D-SLR, and powered directly through the camera, Attaches to the hot shoe and has noise dampening components designed to minimize noise resulting from AF operation and Incorporates a low-cut filter to reduce wind and other noise not already blocked by the wind screen.

i think i should stop here because now it already late...i feel so sleepy...but don't worry okey..i will continue about this entry in my next entry...before i end this sweet entry..i want to show u all a video about  NIKON D5100..i hope u all enjoy with this video...bye2

various of computer mouse

Computer equipment allows the user to access the various functions and conveniences that a data processor provides. Without them, the PC cannot be use to you as you cannot command it to do the tasks you want to perform. One particularly significant input device is the mouse. It helps you navigate through the installed operating system’s collection of software applications. So, as you are setting up the whole system, you have to consider which type of mouse would suit your needs. The three most basic options to choose are mechanical, optomechanical and optical.

The first type is mechanical.  It is a computer mouse that has a rubber or metal ball on its underside. With mechanical sensors built inside the device, the cursor on the screen moves to the direction where the ball touches. 
mechanical mouse

The next kind is the opto mechanical type and although it manipulates the cursor through a ball’s movement, it uses optical sensors to determine the direction. However,please be careful to choose the right type when u all buying a mouse, there are three different types:
- USB is the most modern. u all can recognize it by the rectangular connector.
- PS/2 connectors are round. This type of connection is fairly commonly used in PC's.
- Bluetooth is another modern (wireless) connection method.

optomechanical mouse
Lastly, there is the optical mouse. This device utilises laser to detect movement rather than employ ball mechanisms; thus, it responds more precisely compared to the previous two types.

  last but not least,  i hope u guy out there might be think which type of mouse u all want choose for ur PC or laptop..and i hope this information will help u all to choose the right mouse..
emm..bye2..assalamualaikum u all....^_*

webcams as a tool to communicate ^_*

Communication has greatly been enhanced by the gadgets of today. Long time ago, someone had to count weeks or months before a letter gets to the hand of the recipient. Nowadays, with the help of computers,we can send our message to somebody outside the city or the country in a matter of seconds. This is definitely an achievement worth nothing although the improvements do not stop right there. A couples years ago, a newer devices were introduced to the public, another milestone has been realized. it is a web-cams, by using web-cams we  can communicate face-to-face with anybody from around the world.  it is very awesome to me.

there are many advantage of using web-cams our tool to communicate with other, namely web-cams can help family members stay connected, help businesses conduct meetings without the expense of travel costs, help educational institutions conduct distance-learning activities, and help scientists and researchers remotely monitor sites miles away. in other hand, this application is quite unique, in addition to a variety of features are also available free.

So, we n do not have to think the issue a license and a problem to use it. We only install and run this program. However, first the program must be adjusted first to audio-video code that uses, so there is no problem in recording a video next. One of the software that is the default windows movie maker was also able to do the same, you can select from a digital video camera. However, this feature could not be used on windows vista business, either because it is not what can or have other things. But on windows XP this feature is running perfect. In fact from this experience a lot of features on the notebook / PC that we can use for everything, depending on the intention we would like to try or not.  So, we need to make friends with who have expertise maximize notebook performance, then we can  share of knowledge with them to increase our knowledge.

Web-cams connected to PC or laptop can act as web-accessible cameras with certain software. Usually this kind of software works with most web-cams, since the software auto-detects the peripheral. Many different programs are available, free, open source, and proprietary.

Web-cams software can be configured in many ways. Some software come with motion detection ability and time lapse capture options or both. Captures can be short videos in predefined length or still images. Thus, the software can essentially turn the web cam into a security camera. Many businesses and home owners can effectively use a simple web-cams device to create their own security system with only a web-cams and one of these types of software applications.